2017 Summer Schooling Show Series

Dreamcrest Farm is pleased to host our Summer Schooling Show Series. Our new jumper series is designed for riders at the lower levels who are looking for an opportunity to compete in the jumper ring.  Divisions offered include: flat class and cross rails; entry dressage (test 2) and 60 cm.; and, entry dressage (test 2) and 80 cm.

Riders who only want to compete in dressage can also enter and ride their test of choice.

Show Schedule: 

  • June 25
  • Aug 13
  • Oct. 29 - Includes a Costume Class!

To submit your entry, download the entry form and send to kelly@dreamcrest.com

"We're excited about the 2017 Summer Schooling Shows we're hosting this Summer. It's a great opportunity for our novice riders all  to compete in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere."